award categories

2018 San Antonio MED Week - Nominations open in April 2019 for the 2019 MED Week Awards



Past Five (5) Year, 2014– 2018, Award winners not will be considered. 


1. Minority Advanced Manufacturing Firm: Presented to the minority-owned firm that has achieved success in employing innovative technology, creating high quality manufacturing jobs, and significant market share increases.  

 2. Minority Construction Firm:  Presented to the minority-owned firm that has achieved success in private or public sector projects and has exhibited revenue and job growth over a sustained two (2) year minimum timeframe.     

3. Minority Exporting Firm:  Presented to a high-performing, minority-owned company that has achieved outstanding export success.  This success is reflected in increased exports, penetration to new markets, increased revenues, and job growth. 

   4. Minority Hospitality/Food Services Firm: Presented to a minority-owned Hospitality, and or Food Services firm that has provided outstanding success as an economic driver.   

5. Minority Legacy Firm:  Presented to a minority family -owned company that has operated, for at least fifty years, and has achieved economic success, as a community economic institution.   

6. Minority Professional  Services Firm:   Presented to a minority –owned business that has achieved success in professional, scientific, and/or technical services.  

7. Minority Rising Star: Presented to an under minority forty entrepreneur who has achieved notable success while showing a strong social, and community commitment.  

8. Minority Technology Firm:   Presented to a minority-owned technology company that has achieved notable success employing new, and innovative techniques/ideas that promote greater efficiency, and productivity, e. g. products, and or services.   

9. Minority Veteran Firm: Presented to a minority Veteran owned minority company that has achieved outstanding success in increased revenue, job growth, and sustainability, market share, and customer satisfaction.  


10. Distinguished Business Advocate Award: Presented to an individual or organization demonstrating outstanding financial commitment, and leadership to the minority business community, e. g. traditional, and or alternative working or investment capital.  

11. MED Week Chairman’s Award:  Presented to a group or individual that has shown consistent and outstanding minority business enterprise advocacy, and plays an integral role in the creative, technical, or professional progress of minority business development.  

12. Legacy Military Institutions’ Award: Presented to Joint Base San Antonio Military Installations, and acknowledging now closed historical Military Institutions, e. g. Kelly Airforce, and Brook Airforce Bases