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An ethnic Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) is defined as a business that is owned or controlled (greater than 50 percent) by the following persons or groups of persons that are also U.S. Citizens or Resident Aliens admitted for lawful admission to the United States: African Americans, Alaska Native, Asian, Asian Indian, Asian Pacific Americans, Hasidic Jews, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders.


Eligible nominees include, and are not limited to, business owners, business executives, nonprofit organizations, for-profit firms and Institutions, universities and colleges, and local, state and federal government representatives.

The awards listed under Minority – Owned Firms Awards are reserved as minority business presentations.

The remaining MED Week Champion Awards, are open to qualified nominees without regard to ethnic minority status.


  • Award nomination applications are online, Applications will be submitted by the UTSA-Institute for Economic Development’s San Antonio Minority Business Development Agency Centers’ 2023 MED Week Consortium, other organizations, strategic partners, and stakeholders.
  • Nominations may be submitted by individuals or organizations in any applicable category, and may be submitted for more than one award category. Self-nominations are also permitted. In addition, nominations may be submitted by the UTSA-Institute for Economic Development (IED) San Antonio Minority Business Development Agency Centers’ staff.
  • No Past Five (5) Year, 2018 – 2022, Award Winners will be nominated.
  •  Nominations should address the specific evaluation criterion applicable to the award category. Narratives should be thorough and concise.
  • The nomination package is comprised of: (1) the nomination form; (2) narratives addressing the specific evaluation criterion/information; and (3) a nominee biography or an organization overview (as applicable.) Application attachments shall not exceed four (4) pages.
  • Do not include any additional material, such as promotional materials, annual reports, etc., unless the question for the applicable category specifically requests it.
  • Do not submit photographs.  Category winners will have five days after receipt of official notification to submit a high-resolution photo.
  • Complete award nomination applications via the website.

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Ethnic minority-owned firms

Presented to the minority-owned firm that has achieved success in employing innovative technology, creating high quality manufacturing jobs, and significant market share increases.
Presented to a high-performing, minority-owned company that has achieved outstanding marketing, PR, Payroll, and/or Consulting Services success.

Presented to the minority-owned firm that has achieved success in private or public sector projects and has exhibited revenue and job growth over a sustained two (2) year minimum timeframe.

Presented to a high-performing, minority-owned company that has achieved outstanding export success. This success is reflected in increased exports, new market development, increased revenues, and job growth. 
Presented to a minority-owned company that has achieved notable success, by improving healthcare delivery, and quality through innovation.
Presented to a minority-owned Hospitality, Tourism, or Entertainment firm that has provided outstanding success as an economic driver that includes revenue, job creation, and job growth.
Presented to a minority family -owned company that has operated, for at least 35 years, and has achieved economic success, as a community economic institution.
Presented to a minority-owned certified skilled trade company that has achieved increased revenue, job growth, and sustainability success, e. g. Plumbing, Carpentry, Welding, Pipefitting
Presented to a minority-owned technology company that has achieved notable success employing innovative techniques, and ideas that promote greater efficiency, and productivity, e. g. products, and or services.
Presented to a minority Veteran owned company that has achieved outstanding success in increased revenue, job growth, sustainability, market share, and customer satisfaction.
Presented to a minority business owner who has exhibited the skills necessary to initiate, and grow a successful business venture, e.g., visionary, risk taker, innovator, change agent, community leader
Presented to a company that responded to COVID-19 challenges, and survived, and thrived through unpredictable, changing, and potential unfavorable events. Resiliency is the key, e. g. business builders, retooling, new markets, organizational restructuring

minority business development champions

Presented to a mass communication minority firm that has extensive knowledge that created, packaged, and distributed content across digital, and traditional platforms, e. g., video, social, audio.

Presented to an individual or organization demonstrating outstanding financial commitment, and leadership to the minority business community, e.g. traditional, and or alternative working or investment capital.

Presented to a group or individual that illustrates COVID-19 strategies that adapted to a fluid economy, and “New Normal,” successfully. Their methods include Creativity, Resiliency, Innovation, and Tenacity that play an integral role in the creative, technical, or professional progress of minority business development.


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